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It is known fact that the real reason behind the lawless behavior of Imo Government Officials under the instructions of their Principal, Hope Uzodimma is not that the Garnishee Order was not meant to be but rather because the fear of Madumere having such wealth will absolutely take sleep away from the eyes of his betrayers. In fact, that fear is the beginning of Wisdom.

UZODIMMA who glaringly betrayed the finger that fed him in broad daylight before getting his jankara Supreme Court judgement that imposed his as a governor of Imo State now thinks that his wickedness is back to hunt him. He obviously recalls how Madumere sacrificed his own governorship ticket and gave it to him all in a bid to save Imo State from “Familiocracy”.

Upon getting his jankara judgement the general public saw how he sidelined the hand that lifted him. Not withstanding this act, Madumere in his usual kindness went ahead to save his sorry ass when the media was agog with stories of his incompetence and was dragging his government down the mud. He suddenly remembered that Madumere existed and beckoned on him to come save him. This Madumere did without grudge hoping that Uzodimma had received sense.

Note that prior to his sudden emergence as Imo governor, the former Imo Governor, Emeka Ihedioha had followed due process and was ready to pay had the settlement agreement reached a final conclusion in January, 2021 before his sudden removal from office unceremoniously.

It was because Uzodimma contacted him to help his government that Madumere continued to listen to his false promises regarding the garnishee matter which was already before the National Industrial Court. Every time the Court sat for the matter Imo government Lawyer would plead for settlement out of Court and when giving time to reach Madumere for settlement they never called him again nor dared to raise the topic. They continued to give numerous excuses to the court which led to countless adjournments and yet no results.

It was three and a half years already and of course the Court had gotten tired of their lies without actions and procrastinations after it was eventually discovered right there in the court room that Zenith Bank in Collision with Imo State Government had sworn a deceitful affidavit claiming that an existing government account was non-existent. This is one out of the numerous lies that brought them down to ground zero!

Eventually the Case with Imo Government ended with them as failures having not being able to prove beyond reasonable doubt why the debt shouldn’t be paid. The matter now is between Madumere and the Garnishee, Zenith Bank.

It is unfortunate that the lawless Imo government Officials and Zenith Bank are being misled by their Principal, Gov. Uzodinma who is trying his best to remain above water level as he obviously is drowning in shame.

My humble opinion after perusing the legal documents backing this garnishee and the trend of the government and Zenith Bank, is that Uzodimma should bury his head in shame and allow peace to reign in Imo State by giving to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar.

The Madumere I know is a peace loving person and won’t obviously waste his time taking vengeance on Hope over his ingratitude.

Kenneth B. Udeh – Public Analyst

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