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Nigerians youths should return to the farm – Buhari

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The president has repeatedly pointed to the gains of farming for a country tethered to crude oil proceeds, and he had yet another opportunity to drum up the benefits of agriculture to an ailing economy, in a recent televised interview with news anchors.

“Only 2.5% arable land in Nigeria is being cultivated so we are going to turn attention for the time remaining for us, to agriculture.

“We need to buy machinery, tractors, clear the land, divide and encourage people to farm,” the president enumerated on his plan to lift millions of Nigerians out of poverty.

The president also said educated young Nigerians should not wait for government to give them jobs.

The 79-year-old has also repeatedly said he intends to return to his cattle farm in Katsina State, when his tenure as Nigeria’s president elapses in 2023.

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