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All Times Global Magazine (ATGMAG) is the first magazine directly targeted at bridging the information gap between all sectors (rather than just fashion and entertainment), thereby ensuring that all sectors can feature on our platform and have a global voice that can be heard by all. We have come to bridge that gap with a magazine that is elevated, mature, and stylish in content. This magazine contains sections from all sectors ranging from Politics, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Romance, Health, Diplomacy, Truths, Creative Minds, Beauty, etc

Just like its parent brand, Onyekaba Chioma’s Beauty & Brains Foundation it is a reference point and a conversation driver, pushing boundaries, provoking thought and dialogues with cutting edge content. It will in no time become the country’s number one trendsetter and trend watcher.

All Times Global Magazine is a Nigerian global magazine owned by Chioma Rosemary Onyekaba. Launched in 2015. Initially, it was Published monthly with featured articles on both local and international businesses, entertainment, politics, lifestyle, finance, industry, investing, fashion, marketing, and lots of other interesting topics. ATGM also reports on related subjects such as technology, communications, science, and law until Covid-19 emerged and turned it into an online global magazine with a headquarters in Abuja.

Every edition of All Times Global Magazine is a sophisticated and effective celebration of fine journalism and African and International values and culture. It is to all Nigeria Sectors, what Air is to Man!

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