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How a False Genotype Result made me loose a good woman

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A Nigerian man, Osoyinka, has narrated how he found out his genotype is AA after years of shaping his life decisions around a wrong result.

Osoyinka, who disclosed this in a series of posts on X on Saturday, September 16, 2023, said he had always believed he was AS as all his siblings.

He also took a test when he got admission into the university which indicated that his genotype was AS, only to discover last week that it’s AA.

Another test at a different hospital on Friday, September 15, further confirmed the AA genotype.

Osoyinka further disclosed that he lost a potential relationship and a good woman because he thought they were not compatible.

He shared a tweet from 2021 when it happened. “Fvck genotype mehn! That was supposed to be my last bus stop,” the tweet reads.

Taking to X yesterday, to address the entire situation, he wrote;

“I honestly don’t know how to feel right now. Negligence? Mediocrity? I don’t know, But I’m sure it has nothing to do with mystery. I’ve always thought I was “AS” as my all my siblings are. Took a genotype test when i got admission and the result was “AS” as predicted.”

“All my life, I’ve shaped my life decisions around that knowledge of myself. Last week I was at the hospital to visit a friend and a case of mixed up genotype came up. We all had a long discussion about it and out of jokes and bants, one of my friends realized he doesn’t know his,”

“So we strolled to the hospital’s laboratory for him to take a test. Out of jokes, I decided to take another test too (Knowing fully well I’m AS). I got the shock when he sent me my test results on Monday and it says “AA”. Sure, no way i’m trusting that test results

“So I decided to take the test again for clarity sake yesterday. People of God, I just got my test result tonight and here I am staring at “AA” genotype. I honestly can’t deny that I’m really disappointed right now. Considering the fact that I lost a potential relationship and good woman because we both thought we aren’t compatible.”

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