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Lady donates kidney to Ekweremadu’s daughter, family disagree

Donation of Kidney

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Annastasia Olamma, female skit maker offered to donate her kidney to Ekweremadu’s daughter, Sonia Ekweremadu and has said her family is against her decision to donate.

Olamma had on Tuesday made the offer after Sonia announced that she needed a kidney donor because she had been diagnosed with kidney disease, FSGS Nephrotic Syndrome.

Sonia made the announcement on social media months after her parents were arrested in the United Kingdom and charged by the UK Metropolitan Police with conspiracy to facilitate the travel of another person for organ harvesting.

Olamma stated that she was ready to donate her kidney to save Sonia and want nothing in return.

She wrote on Facebook, “I (Annastasia Michael Olamma) want to donate one of my kidneys to Sonia Ekweremadu to save her life. I have made up my mind to do this to prove women can help women.

However, Olamma’s family members kicked against her decision, forcing her to take to Facebook Live to plead with them to allow her to go ahead with it.

“Yes, my family members are against it. I expected that initially because when my dad got to know about it, he wasn’t cool with the idea. He was like ‘you want to go and kill yourself?’ My family, I know this thing might hurt you people but please I am begging you… I wish to save somebody’s life. Pray for me so that nothing will happen to me. Pray for me so that the whole thing will go successfully,” she said.

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