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PRINCE EZE MADUMERE : We have, as a matter of policy, decided, and long before now, to leave Chief Hope Uzodinma, his “VOID” Government and Riotious media Handlers, in the COURT of Public opinion. And the result, has been very wonderful. Very interesting.

For us , there is no point flogging a dead horse. A government that has , on its own, kept itself in the dock . A government that has marked itself asterisk. BANAL. Banality of governance.

A government that has made itself, the accused or respondent . And has , perhaps, unknown to it, pleaded guilty to all the “CHARGES”.

Prince Eze Madumere , who was the Deputy Governor of the State, went to Court over debts said to have owed him by lmo State Government.

With the available records, Alozie , SAN, represented the State Government in the matter.

At the end of the day , the lndustrial court found merit in Madumere’s case and gave judgement in his favour.

Steps were taken by Madumere and the COURT , to enforce the judgement.

And lmo State government and its agents, went berserk. Haywire. To the extent of invading the court that gave the judgement, arrested and detained some of its staff.

They have also been trying to link Okorocha with Madumere’s action , just to shy away from the truth of the matter and deceive little minds like them.

l am not a lawyer. But for the long period l have been in journalism, and in the course of the practice, l have covered celebrated court and tribunal cases.

With a highly experienced lawyer like Alozie, all that the government needed to do, was to proceed to the APPEAL COURT. And in the interim, ask the court for order of STAY OF EXECUTION .

lt doesn’t require all these uncivilized actions , on the side of the State Government.

Or, in the alternative, negotiate with Madumere, who is their man.

When they had used Madumere against Okorocha, he was a statesman. Ambassador of Democracy.

Today, following the court judgement in his favour, he has again become Okorocha’s apostle. To the extent that, one of the governor’s “media rioters” wrote that Okorocha had wanted to use Madumere, to recover the money he used to buy APC Presidential nomination forms.

That’s the pitiable level , lmo has been taken to, by Chief Uzodinma’s government.

This camphope government is a stubborn one. They do not ask questions. They do not consult . They do not think before acting. They so much believe in stampeding. ln invasion. ln beating and slapping. And so on.

Otherwise, they would have known that, Achike Udenwa had treated or paid debts owed individuals, Companies or Establishments, by the military Administrations before him .

lkedi Ohakim must have also been confronted with such situations or issues , from the governments before his own.

Rochas Okorocha equally had similar cases. They were many, including contracts done under the Military.

Emeka lhedioha had his own experience. l am aware that, at a point, lhedioha’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Nnawuchi , had begun to negotiate with some of those concerned.

Why would Governor Uzodinma’s own be different?

Madumere was impeached as Deputy Governor. He went to court to challenge his impeachment by the Assembly. And if the court had given him favourable judgement, with regard to that and based on that, he went to court to ask for the payment of what he felt he was entitled to, he committed no offence . These are some of the things that make the society thick. The things that strengthen our democracy and its idiosyncracies .

Do you understand? . If based on the favourable judgement , over his impeachment by the Assembly, he went to court to ask for some reliefs, including money, and the court of first instance also saw the merit in his demand, and ruled as such , it doesn’t require tough tackles from the government, especially, in a democratic setting.

The government would have taken off from there, even upto the Supreme court, so that, there could be a pronouncement on that by the APEX COURT. That, would also enrich our legal system and democratic ethos .

This unfortunate idea of looking at every issue as an opportunity to fight or exercise power or force, has taken a serious toll on the government. lt has completely destroyed the government and made it an enemy of the people.

I am yet to see any part of this government to tick good. l feel for it.

A mere phone call to Madumere to relax and ask the Attorney General to meet with him on the way out of the matter , would have done the magic. l had witnessed such developments under Okorocha. Using “massaging” to achieve great results or calm frayed nerves.

Owing to how His Excellency , lkedi Ohakim left office, a good number of the contractors under him could not be paid. The contractors made Okorocha to see his ears with his eyes , by launching ” operation get garnishee orders”.

Okorocha didn’t lauch war against such contractors or invade the courts that issued the orders.

Knowledgeable or wise leaders, always have ways of resolving issues, not minding how serious such issues might be.

Governor Uzodinma should change style. Even during the military regimes, lmo people never witnessed this kind of -” nzogbu nzogbu , enyi mba enyi; zogbuo nwoke enyi mba enyi, zogbuo nwayi enyi mba enyi “.

But , nobody can zogbuola CHINEKE. That’s the CONSOLATION.

l am also beginning to subscribe into this saying that, ” the devil you know, is better than the angel you do not know”.

Before now, l had been hesitant or reluctant to ally myself with that.

Prince Madumere’s case now, with the government of Gov. Uzodinma , has its in-built lesson or lessons. Don’t forget, we are all pencils in the hand of the CREATOR.

The reason we shall continue to CLAP thunderously for CHRIST, the SOLID ROCK.

My name is Sam Onwuemeodo.

A government that , since it came on board, has always been associated with all the ugly things, one can think of, including the invasion of sacred places like the Church and now , the COURT.

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