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More Trouble for Lawless Imo Government Officials and Zenith Bank as Court retaliates

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“You can bend rules and manage to escape, you can break laws and if you’re lucky get minimal punishment but you can’t touch officers of the Law and go scotfree”

In as much as Imo Government wishes to believe that they are above the Law or wishes to display that Nigeria is Lawless, they sure do know that they are losers and are risking arrest for contempt.

The reason why we have Law courts in Nigeria as well as other Countries is for aggrieved parties to go and bare their grievances in Court and get justice and peace but then Imo Government and Zenith Bank knowing fully well that they shot themselves both on the leg and Chest and cannot win in any Law Court in Nigeria after swearing a false affidavit to a Court have resorted to violence and abduction of Court officials in a bid to thwart justice rather than going back to a court for proper judgement and argument which of course they did for close to 3 years and still failed woefully!

In view of this illegal action against Court officials , a statement signed by the Chief Registrar of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria have released a notice shutting down the entire Owerri Judicial Division indefinitely.

The statement reads as follows:

“I have been directed by the Hon. President of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, Hon Justice B. B. Kanyip, PhD, to inform you that the Owerri Judicial Division of the Court has been closed down till further notice.
Consequently, all the staff of the judicial division are hereby directed to stay away from work until further notice.”
Olurotimi Williams Daudu, Esq.,
Chief Registrar

More details Later!

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