Home Politics Reject looters and lying politicians says Cross River Aspirant

Reject looters and lying politicians says Cross River Aspirant

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We the People are the repository of democracy. We are the power, and without us, no politician can come into play.

So we the people must be wise, we must be aware, we must learn to use our power wisely to get what we want.
The whole essence of politics is using what you have to get what you want.

If politicians struggle for our votes, our support; we must demand what they will do for us when they are voted into power.
It is not an opportunity to extort money from politicians or other frivolous favors.
It is an opportunity to ask the politicians hard questions.

Ask the politician what he or she will do to address a problem confronting or grappling your community.
Ask him why a particular road has not been constructed….

Ask why a particular primary school in the community has no running water or desk or the roof has been blown up due to a rainstorm that took place five years ago….

Ask what he or she would do to assess the problem of cultism, youth restiveness, or youth unemployment….

When you collect money from a politician to vote for him on electioneering or look away from problems confronting the community, you cheapen yourself before that politician, and he will never respect you.

The politician will think you are for sale.
Some politicians think that the essence of seeking power is to amass wealth to buy big SUVs, build cathedrals, and live an extravagant lifestyle.

Today everyone is crying about insecurity or ransom kidnapping or armed robbery but have we sat down to ask ourselves how the sevens of insecurity were laid?

Our vision less and fewer politicians bought firearms several years ago and distributed them to young people to intimidate the voters or their opponents or browbeat the populace to support them.

This mindless group of politicians are still around seeking office or supports even though they have been in power for 20 years or more but have never done anything to improve the living conditions of our unfortunate people.
We must identify good politicians from among the crowd and support them.

Why must our vote be for a politician, who is awarded a road construction for so much money, but he poorly executes the road contract and pocket the money.

Then the road collapsed in just a few months!
Why must we vote for him?
This is the way to go to change the fortunes of we, the people.

We, the people, must reject such politicians. Never again!

Okoi Obono-Obla

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