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The Many Sins of Abba Kyari: More trouble looms as NDLEA allegedly uncovers N3billion undeclared Tramadol Seizure

This alleged seizure was learnt to have not been disclosed to the agency…

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An adage once said ”Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. It looks like the trials and tribulations awaiting Abba Kyari are multiplying by the day as the suspended Commander of the Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT), has again landed into the probe of the seizure of a large consignment of Tramadol, an illegal drug, in Lagos which was alleged to have been undisclosed to NDLEA.

During the weekend NDLEA commenced the probe as those close to Kyari in the police were believed to be worried that more alleged illegalities linked to the team led by the police officer may be uncovered.

The once-celebrated officer was arrested last week after the NDLEA busted a drug ring operating the Brazil – Ethiopia – Nigeria route.

The agency alleged that he was a member of the syndicate and went ahead to ask a court to extend his detention to facilitate investigation into the activities of his team.

Sources close to the NDLEA said that the Kyari-led team had been linked to the alleged seizure of a large consignment of Tramadol in a warehouse at the Amuwo-Odofin area of Lagos.

It was gathered that the consignment, was worth N3billion and it was imported into Nigeria by an individual who claimed to be a pharmacist.

IRT, it was learnt, allegedly got wind of the consignment and stormed the warehouse where the illegal drug was stocked, leading to the seizure.

Multiple sources at the NDLEA said the agency ordinarily should have been told of the alleged seizure which was said to have taken place last year, saying the Abba Kyari team did not inform the agency of the development.

“What this means is that the IRT may have sold the consignment of Tramadol to a cartel after storming the Amuwo Odofin warehouse and seizing the Tramadol,” one of the sources said.

“We have launched a probe into the case with a view to getting to the root of the matter,” the source added. 

Recall that a few weeks ago he was arrested by this same NDLEA on suspicion of involvement with drug rings. He displayed utter disgust and swore that he felt so bad to be associated with drugs. He sounded so innocent. Maybe he is.

But the evidence suggests the opposite. Shortly after this, he was seen partying with his old friend, the disgraced DCP. So chummy. And of course this was in the very residence of the nation’s serving IGP!

Nigeria’s no 1 crime buster. What better way to tell the world that their cries of “down with the crooks” is in vain? He didn’t feel too bad rolling with a man who is wanted for aiding and abetting serious international fraud.

His smile was so carefree. Now his friend the DCP is in the news for direct involvement with drug peddling and involvement with serious drug rings. This time the evidence does not provoke the need for argument. It was so brazen.

These people are successful, they look good and appear intelligent. But a lot of the time, when you see the pattern of self destructive behaviour they exhibit, you know that it’s all make believe. Many of them have dry mango seeds in place of their grey matter.

Behind the alluring wall of smiles and material success lies a vile and dark reality that is dangerous for the survival of our society as a place of decent people. So now when you see the wealth and comfort displayed by a police officer with his modest paycheck and a night club owner who flies around in private jets and lives like an oil shiek, do not be envious.

Do not want what you cannot afford. You don’t know the cost!Be contented with your little!

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