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APC Presidential Primary Election: Tinubu, other aspirants can’t outspend me, says Orji Kalu

by Sodiq Oyeleke

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Orji Kalu and Bola Tinubu

A presidential aspirant, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, has said that the former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, and other aspirants cannot outspend him during the upcoming All Progressives Congress presidential primary election.

He said this during an interview today adding that Tinubu isn’t a hindrance to his becoming next president.

Asked if he sees the former governor as a threat, Kalu answered, “No! and I am not a threat to his ambition. By the time we meet in Eagles Square, this issue will be settled.

“Mind you, politics is not only about money; it is about the people you are going to govern -the people of the North-West, the people of North-East, the people of North-Central, the people of the South-East, the people of the South-West, and the people of South-South, and we have the people. I can move the people and the people are with me.”

On why he decided to run fr president after an initial denial, Kalu said the situation of the country made him make a U-turn.

Apart from boasting that he has support from all regions in the country, Kalu also said as a “recognized billionaire”, there’s nothing others can spend that he can’t spend He said, “It was circumstance from the South-East, South-West, North-West, North-Central, and North-East that made me decide to join the race. I was governor with him (Tinubu), there is nothing difficult in challenging anybody.

“We are all going to meet at the Eagle Square, and we will square it out there. There is no difficulty. I am the only political businessman that is first recognized as a billionaire, and I am not sure that there is anything those people can do, in terms of money, that I cannot do. I don’t think they can speak to anybody in Nigeria or in the world that I cannot speak to.”

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