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RRS Arrests Heartless Ex-convicts, 5 Others For Stealing From Accident Victims

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The Rapid Response Squad (RRS) has nabbed six men for allegedly stealing personal effects of couples whose vehicle had an accident on Monday night at Otedola Bridge near Ojodu–Berger, Lagos.

Stephen Godslove, 21; Christopher Edema, 25; David Tobore–Sodiq, 22; Joseph Hassan, 23; Rashid Adebayo, 23 and Sulaiman Akinwunmi, 30 were arrested at the scene of the accident when RRS officials arrived at the scene.

The RRS said the suspects were met fighting over the stolen items of the victims rather than assisting in rescuing them.

“The arrival of the RRS Team led to the recovery of a handbag containing the couples’ personal belongings and an android phone. However, two android phones belonging to the driver of the vehicle were missing. All efforts made to recover the two android phones from the suspects failed.

“Preliminary investigations by the officers revealed that four of the suspects-Adebayo, Tobore-Sodiq, Godslove and Edema are ex-convicts. The six suspects were descending the slope of Otedola Bridge towards Olowopopo Road in groups when they witnessed the accident.

The RRS quoted the couple as saying that the suspects “surrounded us and were robbing us while we were struggling to make it out of our vehicle. They were helping themselves with our phones and handbag. Thank God that your (RRS) operatives arrived at the scene just in the nick of time.”

The couple did not sustain serious injuries but their vehicle was damaged.

– The Nation

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