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Facebook Gives Emerging Markets Free Sales Platform

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Future growth will come from emerging markets—places like the vibrant, busy cities of Jakarta or Johannesburg. In 2017, economic activity in emerging markets is expected to grow 4.5% (relative to only 1.9% in developed economies). And in 2018, emerging market economic activity is expected to accelerate even more to 4.8%. 1 Marketers who build emerging markets into their growth strategies today will emerge ahead of the curve—both now and in 2020.

Facebook recently partnered with Renault and Johnson & Johnson to accelerate growth in emerging markets and to share what we learned. We identified a few keys to success for businesses of all sizes: relevancy, bold thinking, immersive visuals, and constant testing and learning.

So much of our future is emerging markets. The baby category is based there—a baby is born every 4.3 seconds and 50% of those are in emerging markets. Facebook gave us an opportunity to bring our best for babies and moms.”

Knowing more: Your future customers

Johnson & Johnson, along with their partners BBDO and J3, recognize the importance of emerging markets and are working with Facebook to lead the way in testing and learning in several fast-growing economies around the world.

And their growth isn’t limited to the baby category. Their customer of the future looks different from their customers of the past: She lives in Delhi, looks to Instagram for fashion and beauty inspiration, orders everyday items like hand soap from her phone, and spends time on Facebook connecting with things she cares about while she’s on-the-go—often in the city’s notorious traffic jams.

In emerging markets, mobile has not only leapfrogged desktop—it has leapfrogged infrastructureAt Facebook, we see two opportunities for marketers looking to reach people in these high-growth markets:

  1. 3 billion more people will have smartphones in their pockets by 2020.2 That means experiences and connections with your brand are getting faster, better and richer.
  2. The next billion people are coming online. They’ll be interacting with products for the first time, often on mobile—and it could be your product. There are very few chances to connect with people for the first time in this way, potentially forming a bond with a lifelong customer.

Today’s macroeconomic growth and shifting demographics, combined with the power of mobile, make right now a unique moment—and this is your chance to get it right with mobile in emerging markets.

Acting now: How to win in emerging markets

We want to be your trusted partner in a mobile-first, emerging markets-first world. And you can start right now with what we’ve learned from these early partnerships.

  • Be local. Sign up for our upcoming webinar to hear from product experts about our tailored solutions for emerging and fast-growing markets. You’ll learn how to reach people in a relevant and personal way, no matter where they live.
  • Be fast. Turkish financial institution Akbank is a great example of moving quickly to seize a new opportunity. The team used Instagram Stories to create thumb-stopping success: a 28-point increase in ad recall and a 5-point jump in message association. Akbank was the first brand in the region to use Instagram Stories and has inspired other local brands and agencies to include vertical content in their campaign creative and production.
  • Be creative. Create without constraints. The Facebook family of apps and services, coupled with our wide range of ad styles, allows you to bring rich, visual experiences to people—no matter where they live or how they connect. For inspiration, check out these creative ways to connect with millennials coming online in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Be bold. Growth strategies that will win in 2020 are being developed today. At Facebook, we’re looking ahead and building solutions to help marketers capture growth opportunities, such as ecommerce solutions for places where modern trade is not yet developed. Are you thinking about how to unlock your future growth?

So how do you apply these learnings? Renault demonstrated that through thinking emerging markets-first, you can move quickly to drive impact fast. Renault Middle East, Zenith Optimedia, Leo Burnett and Publicis Graphics and Facebook partnered on a mobile-first creative campaign to launch the new Renault Megane in the region, taking the campaign from concept to measurement in only seven weeks. Using mobile-first creative to reach people across a range of locations, devices and connections, the campaign drove 60% of all Renault’s leads with a 15-point lift in ad recall and a 6-point lift in brand awareness.

It’s time to ask yourself: What can you do today to grow your business in emerging and high-growth markets tomorrow? What growth strategies can you design now to help you win in 2020? The Facebook family of apps and services brings you the next mobile generation in emerging markets. For more details, visit the Advertiser Help Center or explore Blueprint, our self-paced online training program.

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